Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wow, long time no see....

Been a little while since my last entry, so you 3 or 4 of my closest friends might be happy to see this hehehe
I was out tonight with a good friend. We went for dinner. Went for coffee. Decided it should be an "easy" night. After the coffee, we headed to our usual hang out, the Spot Bar in Shanghai. The big question at the Spot on Thursdays is "will I have more than 4 more drinks?" The reason being, with my VIP card (/gloat on), drinks are only 25RMB ($4.25 or so CAD) each, but Thursday is "Men's Night", pay 100RMB (just a smidgen over $17.00 CAD) and drink all you want from 10:00pm to 2:00am. So, we paid the 100RMB, feeling pretty good by the time 2am rolls around, then head off down the street for the "Walk".
Now, down the street, within walking distance is a slew of "bars". These particular establishments are geared entirely to the male population. Which is to say, they are filled with many a pretty girl. However, most, if not all of them are "ladies of the night", so picking one up is about as easy as picking up a dropped 5 dollar bill. Anyway, the revelation I came to was this, it is a far greater challenge, and thus far more fun to be disinterested. Unlike back home, where one is bent on gaining the attention of a pretty girl, I find the entertainment here is quite the opposite. Show zero interest, have a couple of drinks, then go home. It's a lot more challenging than one might think. Especially in these tough financial times the world seems to be in (optimistically enough slowly recovering from), and a bar chalk full of girls desperate for money.

Oh well, score another victory for me!!! Which is to say I was able to deflect all comer's on, if that's the correct phrase :-)

Will sure to be adding more of these blog entries, this is kind of fun, in a way, to a degree.